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Who is this Nallor Vattam Balu? Political broker or social worker?

Kamal Haasan, who has been campaigning for change in Tamil Nadu politics and against corruption, recently photo has been found on social media in a post containing some photos of a man with a lean body who is as a political mediator in Tamil Nadu on behalf of the RSS where he is also near Sagayam in another photo.

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This post circulation on social media as “The skinny person in this picture is claimed to be an RSS political broker. Name Balu. He is the one who is implementing the anti-DMK alliances in Tamil Nadu. His main job is to bring the Nagpur orders to Kamal, Sagayam, AMMK and Edappadi. ”

Following are some of the answers he gave to the questions posed in the interview with Youturn on behalf of the Nallore Vattam  organization regarding the photos and posts that went viral:

Question: Is it true that you claim to be an RSS worker, have you come across photos of you with RSS workers as Auditor Satya?

Answer: True. I am from RSS. But, things like that have not happened in the last 20 years. But there is a photo taken a few years ago with auditor Satya.

Question: Ravi Shankar, BJP’s Annamalai and others are talking about your organization. Here is a photo was taken with Auditor Satya in the last 5 years. As such, the person behind the RSS is with Kamal, including Sahayam, who says change is needed. So, the question is, is he involved in politics?

Answer: Among those 4 photos are the photos taken with Sagayam and Kamal. That’s a fair question for everyone. But my job is to create an intellectually united people’s force. I will not use a name that divides people as religion or politics. My hope is that nothing good will happen in the country if the good ones unite.

Question:  What is your direct response to the claim that all of these people are politically alone, that the team is changing, that you are talking about integrating them?

Answer: No. I have been working to ensure that the good guys stay together forever. There is no other agenda. The Nallore Vattam will not give any support or cooperation to anyone in the coming elections.

Question: You say that everyone should be integrated. But the emphasis is on right-wing faces at the organization’s meetings. Don’t you know that there are alternative thinkers like the left and Dravidian?

Answer:  There is no difference between right-wing and left-wing. In-person to me, there maybe anyone who wants to come and work for social development beyond politics.  

Balu of the Nallore Vattam organization has confirmed that all the photos they have with the RSS men, Kamal and Sagayam are true. He is claiming to have been in the RSS organization before if he was an RSS activist. Everything in his meetings has been revealed by right-wing thinkers who have spoken out and been highlighted.

Asked if he was speaking politically in Tamil Nadu, he explained that the aim was to ensure that the good would be permanently united.

In our search, all 4 of these photos that go viral are real. He is formerly from the RSS organization. Says no at present. He does not operate on political ideology and says that my job is to unite the good. But even today, right-wing thinkers like Ravi Shankar G, BJP’s Annamalai and auditor Satyakumar have spoken out in his movement.

Similarly, he has said that the Left and Dravidian thinkers have not come looking for him and will work with them if that happens and the party is not accustomed to discrimination.

Based on this, if we can say whether he acted as a political mediator in Tamil Nadu, we can say for sure that he is from the RSS organization and is currently in touch with people related to the RSS. But it is not possible to say for sure whether he acted as a mediator or not.

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