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Did Saumya Desai from Gujarat RSS convert to Islam ?


Saumya Desai, an active member of the RSS women wing, Gujarat has now converted to Islam.

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A photo of a woman in RSS training along with a photo of a woman with hijab claiming, “Saumya Desai is an active member of the RSS in Gujarat right from her younger age. She is an important leader in RSS Women’s Wing. She has recently converted to Islam and has giver her reasons on her social media handle”, is viral now.

What is the Truth?

When searched for the details on Saumya Desai converting to Islam, 5th September 2020 dated article on republicofbuzz website with the photos and posts from a Twitter account named Saumya Desai, is found.

A Twitter account link claiming as Saumya Desai’s is mentioned in the article. But the link takes the user to some other account named @smileforpeace and not Saumya Desai’s account.

This account was started in October 2021. This shows that the Twitter account in the name of Saumya Desai was removed.

When the viral pictures are reverse searched, getty images website has posted a picture mentioning it as, “Vishwa Hindu Parishad organises self-defence training camp for Hindu girls in Jammu”.

ANI news has published about the self-defence training in Jammu in 2017.

When the second picture of a woman wearing a hijab is reverse searched, the Indian Muslim Girls Facebook page has posted it on 1st December 2017. This photo was widely used on social media.

There is no news on RSS woman converting to Islam in any of the mainstream media or social media apart from the claimed tweets.


The picture that claims that RSS active member from the Women’s wing, Gujarat converted to Islam is fake.

The person in the first picture is from Jammu and the picture was taken in 2017 during the VHP self-defence training program. The second picture seems to be a picture mostly used on social media and the internet. Additionally, the mentioned Twitter handle Saumya Desai has also been removed.

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