This article is from Nov 12, 2021

Help to a kid by a volunteer claimed as help by an RSS member !


RSS Seva Barathi has reached the kid from a viral video and provided food and essentials.

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The BJP and RSS supporters share pictures of the kid from a recent viral video on social media claiming that the association has helped her by providing essentials.

What is the Truth?

Sathiyam TV published a news video on November 11, an interview of a kid from Ganesan thottam, Chennai where she said that no food is available for them to eat.

A photo is claimed that an RSS Seva Barathi member has reached the kid to provide the basic essential kit. But the person in the claimed photo is Anand Vasu, a volunteer. He has posted a few pictures of visiting the kid to provide the relief kit along with the viral news video link on his Facebook page.

Many have appreciated Anand Vasu for his initiative. But, a social media user named Mylai Rama has posted the same pictures claiming it as a person from RSS. Anand Vasu was tagged in the comments section of her post.

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Anand Vasu has taken it to his Facebook page clarifying that he does not belong to any political party.

People in rain-hit areas of Chennai are being helped not only by political parties and associations but also by volunteers. One such incident where a volunteer helped the needy is being spread with misinformation.


The claim that an RSS member helped the kid from a viral new video is not true. The one who helped her does not belong to any political party but a volunteer.

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