Rumor propagated by the media that the CBSE book covers dating and relationships!


This CBSE Class 9 Book Has A Chapter On Dating And Relationships, Tinder India Reacts




Images on social media are circulating with the claim that the CBSE Class 9 ‘Value Education’ textbook includes dating and relationship lessons.

This was reported by media outlets like Times Now, India Today, MoneyControl, Times of India, News 18, and Deccan Herald.

One post with a similar claim can be seen here.

What’s the truth?

It was evident from reading the news reports that this is not a textbook for the CBSE.

Further denying such reports, CBSE has also issued a statement on its X page regarding the inclusion of lessons on dating and relationships. The post says, “A section of media is wrongly attributing a book to be a publication of CBSE material on dating and relationships according to the reports. This is totally baseless and incorrect. The contents of the chapter which are going viral on Social Media are in fact from a book titled A Guide to Self Awareness and Empowerment written by Gagan Deep Kaur and by G.Ram Books(P)Ltd. Educational publishers. The CBSE neither publishes any books nor recommends any books of any private publishers.”

Similarly, G. Ram Books(P) Limited posted a statement on its X page, “We are overwhelmed with the immense support and positive feedback a chapter on ‘Dating & Relationships’ from our book ‘A Better You: A Guide to Self-awareness & Empowerment has received on social media.

We would further like to clarify that these books have not been published by CBSE or NCERT. They have been published by us at G. Ram Books (P.) Ltd., thoughtfully and responsibly, for the promotion of positive mental health of school students.”

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The information presented above implies the media outlets’ viral claims regarding the subjects covered in the CBSE class 9 textbook are untrue.


From our search, we find that the reports that the CBSE 9th class book includes subjects on dating, and relationships are false and it is a book published by G. Ram Books(P) Limited, a private publisher.

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