Rumors spread about Pallikaranai Perumal, Nanganallur Arthanareeswarar Temples!


DMK leader’s son-in-law Sabarisan, who is working to demolish the perimeter wall of the Perumal temple in Pallikarani, is looting 40 acres of land.

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A video is being circulated on social media showing that the perimeter wall of the Perumal temple is being demolished to gain access to the DMK leader’s 40-acre land in Pallikaranai. You can view related posts with similar claims here and here. The same information has spread in 2022 as well.

What’s the truth?

Searching for the incident in the video, it was found that the temple is Nanganallur Arthanareeswarar Temple, which is being managed by a private person, and that the argument was a problem between the two parties during the renovation work of the temple.

This happened in the year 2022 at Nanganallur Arthanareeswarar Temple. The temple is managed by a trust called ‘Arthanareeswarar Temple Bhakta Samaj’. This temple has nothing to do with the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department or the Tamil Nadu Government.

An elucidating video featuring Minister and Assembly member Tha Mo Anbarasan of the constituency, along with members of the temple trust, was also released when this video went viral in 2022.

In it, “Arthanareeswarar Temple has been managed by the Bhakta Samaj Trust for the last 60 years. Since the height of the road and the temple are the same, the shrines in the Prakaram have been demolished to raise the height of about three-quarters of a foot from the ground level. We are doing this by giving proper notice to the devotees in the temple which is completely managed by our trust. However, in some media and on YouTube, there is misinformation stating that the temple was demolished by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department and the Tamil Nadu government. Also, there are rumors that the charity department has taken over the temple. This is completely wrong.”

There is a Temple Pond close to the Arthanareeswarar Temple. The rain caused the pond to overflow, allowing water to enter the Arthanareeswarar temple. The reconstruction work has been undertaken by the temple administration to rectify this.

Speaking about this, Minister T M. Anbarasan said, “Some gather as a distinct group and worship Thirumulanathar, a form of Shiva, within the privately run temple. Also, rainwater enters the temple during the rainy season because it is situated in a ditch. Thus, the decision has been made to demolish the Prakaram temples and construct new, higher ones. Both parties are having issues. Meanwhile, images of the DMK destroying Hindu temples were circulating, allegedly intending to damage the reputation of the DMK government. This is completely inaccurate. In this regard, a complaint has also been made at the police station” he said.

From the above information, we can understand that the Arthanareeswarar temple is managed by a private person and it is a problem between the two parties.

Further, we searched about Pallikaranai temple. Thus, we came across reports surfaced in November 2022 stating that a road was being built to access the DMK leader’s land and that the Pallikaranai Lakshmi Narayana Perumal temple’s perimeter wall had been destroyed without the administration’s consent.

The Public Works Department has explained this complaint. The news published in this regard states that “Due to the filling up of the Pallikaranai Dam lake, excess water is entering the residential areas and causing great damage. To prevent this, a canal is constructed from the lake.”

There is no possibility of constructing a canal from the lake through Adimoolam Nagar road. Thus, it was decided to construct a channel through the private patta land next to the lake and the temple land.

Subsequently, a petition was sent to the concerned HRCE department officials seeking permission. The agreement has been given with conditions including that ground rent should be given to the temple. Permission has also been obtained from the owner of the leased land near the lake bank. That is, the Public Works Department has undertaken the work only after obtaining due permission.

In this way, many false news has been spread by adding different incidents and videos.


In our search, we came to know that the news spread about Pallikaranai Lakshmi Narayanan Temple and Nanganallur Arthanareeswarar Temple is not true.

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