Rumour has it that a Muslim mixed urine instead of salt in oil to make popcorn.


Nyas the name says it all,  who runs the popcorn stall.  He was caught red-handed while making popcorn by mixing urine instead of salt in Bangalore!

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A video showing an arrest of a person is shared to claim that Nyas, who owns a popcorn shop in Bengaluru, was arrested by police for mixing urine instead of salt to make popcorn. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

The viral video with the TV9 logo shows a person saying that he witnessed the shopkeeper spitting thrice in the oil kept to make popcorn. The person is also heard saying that the shopkeeper is a Muslim. Police is seen seizing the oil for testing. It is claimed that the incident took place in Bangalore and the name of the popcorn seller is said as Nyas. When searching with relevant keywords, we found news reports about the incident.

Nawaz Pasha, a popcorn seller in Bangalore’s Lalbagh, was roughed up by a mob for allegedly spitting in the oil used to make popcorn. A piece of news about this has been published in ‘The News Minute’ on June 14, 2022. The article reported that “a group of people passing by saw him biting an oil packet to open it and prepare the popcorn. Alleging that he spit into the oil, the mob started creating a ruckus and tried attacking him.”

The mob requests the arrest of the shopkeeper to the police who came there incidentally. However, they refused to file a complaint. Nawaz was taken to the police station to avoid any untoward incident of mob lynching. The police have also seized the oil bottle. Further, a case has been registered against him and he has been released on bail.

And Nawaz said in an interview to The News Minute, “The person who said I spit in oil asked my name. When I said as Nawaz, he said “he is a Muslim and spits in oil”. He called those around him mentioning that I’m a Muslim. I didn’t do that. I asked them to check the oil if they have such doubt”.

Similarly, Nawaz said that he has been falsely accused, reported ‘The Hindu’ dated June 23, 2022. The article further states that Nawaz Pasha said “I was peeling off the plastic seal from the bottle of oil and holding the peel in my mouth, when the person who accused me started creating a ruckus and accused me of spitting into the oil pan thrice. I told him to get it tested and pleaded innocence, but he insisted that I be arrested and did not even come to the station to file a complaint”.

The viral video is being circulated now with the claim that he has mixed urine instead of salt in the oil used to make popcorn. But when the incident happened (2022) it was claimed that he spat in oil. Nawaz has earlier denied the claim mentioning that he is being falsely accused because he is a Muslim.

This article is originally published in Tamil by Youturn.

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It is found that the claim that a Muslim used urine while making popcorn is not true. The viral video was taken in 2022. He was accused of spitting in oil. It is to be noted that Nawaz denied the accusation mentioning that it is being made against him because he is a Muslim.

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