This article is from May 12, 2022

Rumour has it that help extended to poor children to pay school fees and books if the said numbers are contacted!


Children who need a school book and those who are unable to pay school fees can contact us at the numbers below. 9460031554, 9001236414, 9549677770, 9314459474, 9828926151, 9328620003, 9826267649, 9888989746, 9653150004, 8889712233, 9926311234, 8889995733, 8889995731, 9826813756, 9752033255, 9826858785, 7489587851, 9098321420, 9879537809, 9825700070, 9727215130, 9879200245, 8107371224, 9406824074. Send this message as soon as possible. Your help will change the life of a child. Do read and send to others. ”Helping hands are better than praying hands.”

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More than 20 mobile numbers are going viral on social networking sites claiming that those numbers can be contacted if children in poverty need help with textbooks and school fees. A photo of a printed sheet with the above information is being shared.

What is the truth?

When we tried to contact the 24 phone numbers in the post that is going viral, they were either switched off or not reachable.

When searching for these phone numbers, the same information and phone numbers have been spread for the last 5 years in different parts of the country, in different languages ​​like Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Punjab.

Even before this, there have been posts shared with repeated misinformation that poor students are being helped. While there is nothing wrong with sharing text messages that help poor children, most of the information that is shared here is unverified and people tend to share the forwarded information as it is.


It is apparent that information that goes viral that poor children get help with school textbooks and school fees is false.

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