Rumour has it that only temples were destroyed in Kallakurichi after elections by the TN government!

In addition to the temples, the court has mandated the demolition of thirty-six other structures constructed inside the encroaching regions.


Tamilnadu DMK Government has Destroyed Hindu Temple (Lord Ganesha) Despite many people’s protest, They say the temple was built on Occupied Land, Note there are many buildings around the temple but only the Temple was targeted. They destroyed it after the elections were completed.

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On June 1, the seven-phase Lok Sabha elections in India came to an end. Today the votes are getting tallied. Here, a two-minute video is making the rounds on social media, purporting to show that the government in Tamil Nadu destroyed the Vinayagar temple following the election.

According to some reports circulating, it’s said that despite the presence of encroaching constructions surrounding the temple, the government has demolished only the temple in the face of fierce opposition. You can see similar claims here and here.

What’s the truth?

After looking for the circulating film, it was discovered to be the footage shot while the Dharma Shasta and Shakti Ganesha temples on Kallakurichi’s Gandhi Road were being demolished.

About this, Nakkheeran Media reported an article on June 02, captioned “Court Order; “Officials demolished temple and shops.” The report went on to add that the authorities took actions in 2020 to remove the encroachment because the buildings were constructed encroaching on an irrigation canal of a large lake under the control of the Public Works Department on Gandhi Road in Kallakurichi Nagar. Some people then brought legal action to stop the removal of the encroachments. As a result, the authorities halted the destruction.

In this case, the Madras High Court dismissed the case seeking an injunction to remove the encroachment and ordered the removal of the encroachment within 8 weeks.

The Water Resources Department sent out a notification on May 16 requesting everyone who has encroached to remove it themselves stating that if they remove it, the parties be charged an appropriate amount. After that, the unremoved buildings were destructed by the Public Works Department on May 28.

Similarly, according to a Dinamalar news release, the Madras High Court ordered the demolition of 36 structures, including temples, a few months ago because they were built intruding on the irrigation route that leads to Thenkeeranur Lake via Gandhi Road.

Despite being told to demolish the stores on their own, several of them remained standing. Consequently, on May 28, the public works department used a power line machine to demolish two drug stores and a tea business. In one instance, a “notice” was sent requesting the removal of the Dharmashasta and Shakti Vinayagar temples on Gandhi Road, and as a result, the temples were demolished.

Through this, it is made evident that the Madras High Court rendered a decision in the 2020 case to demolish two temples and 36 buildings that had encroached on the Kallakurichi canal that led to Thenkeeranur Lake. As a result, the surrounding structures and the temples have been demolished.


Our investigation has revealed that the claims that the Tamil Nadu government destroyed the temple following the election but allowed the other encroaching structures to stand are false.

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