Rumour has it that Pope Francis touches illuminati’s feet.


Kissing the hands and feet of those whom run the world!

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Pope Francis, the head of the Roman Catholic Church, has been touring many countries for world peace. Now, a video of Pope Francis kissing the hands of some people and falling on his feet is going viral on social media mentioning “who is controlling him and who is falling on whose feet”. Also mentioned about Illuminati in the viral posts. This post is viral in Tamil recently.

What is the truth?

While examining the video that is going viral, it has been found that two videos of Pope Francis attending events in different countries have been circulating on social media with the same title. When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral videos, it is found that the original video of the first video was published by CNN on its official YouTube channel page on April 01, 2016.

Pope Francis visits Israel’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, the official memorial to the 6 million Jews killed during World War II, where he listens to the stories of Holocaust survivors and kisses their hands as a sign of humility and respect. In this regard, we were able to learn clearly through the news published by the media channels like National Post and Euro News.

And while examining the second video that is circulating, the actual video was published by Voice of America on its YouTube page on April 11, 2019.

The video shows Pope Francis kissing the feet of leaders involved in the 2013 war in South Sudan, urging them not to return to civil war and saying, “As a brother, I ask you from my heart to be calm.”

Later, the South Sudanese leaders signed a peace agreement and ended the war, according to a BBC report.


In our search, the circulating videos of Pope Francis falling down and kissing the hands and feet of world leaders (Illuminati) as claimed are false. The videos show Holocaust survivors and Sudanese political leaders.

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