Old video of a Russian girl getting beaten up is shared as the plight of Hindu girls


The plight of Hindu girls madly in love with Muslim boys.

Wake up Hindus wake up

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A video of a girl being physically assaulted by a man is viral on social media claiming that it is the plight of Hindu girls who madly love Muslim boys. Similar posts with the viral video can be seen here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, an article dated 5, July 2021 on the Russian website ‘Life’ with the title roughly translated to English as ‘In Krasnodar, relatives filmed how a young gypsy woman who wanted to run away to a guy was severely beaten’ is found.

With further search, it is found that the same issue was reported on 14, July 2021 on another Russian website ‘Bloknot Krasnodar’.

This incident was also posted on the ‘pikabu’ website a year back with the title ‘In Krasnodar, a cousin beat his sister, relatives filmed’. It is mentioned that the girl from Krasnodar, Russia wanted to run away with a guy from Ukraine whom she met on the internet and gets beaten for it.

An old video of domestic abuse was claimed as love jihad and Youturn published a fact-checked article on it.

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An old video from Russia where the girl is beaten up by her own family for wanting to marry a man from Ukraine is shared as the plight of Hindu girls after marrying Muslim men.

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