Is the video that is being spread as Russian war weapons going to Ukraine factual?


Russian artillery and weapons of war heading towards Ukraine.

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A 2-minute video of a train loaded with artillery and weapons for Russia’s war on Ukraine is being circulated on social media.

A similar video was released in August 2012 on the YouTube channel astro955 entitle “CN 2235, CN 8803 – Ultra Rare Canadian Military Train – Westbound – Lovekin, ON” while taking keyframes from the viralized video and doing a reverse image search.


The area of Logan , mentioned in the title of the video, is located in Ontario, Canada. The video, which was released 10 years ago referring to Canada, is being misrepresented in connection with the current Ukraine-Russia war.

Prior to this, we have countered the spread of many false videos, photos and messages centering on the Ukraine-Russia war.

In our search, the video circulating that Russian artillery and war weapons heading towards Ukraineis misleading . It turns out to be a video taken in Canada 10 years ago.

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