This article is from Jun 28, 2021

Is the photo shared by the BJP claiming that the Mithi River of Maharashtra true?




Priti Gandhi, BJP Mahila Morcha social media in-charge has shared misleading information on Twitter. She has mentioned Gujarat Government has cleaned up the Sabarmati River river spending over RS 1000 core and has highlighted that Maharashtra Government has spent 1400 crore. And to accentuate it, Mrs Vanathi Srinivasan,  President of Women’s wing BJP has retweeted “A photo is worth a thousand words.”

Fact Check:

While doing a reverse image search on Google… The photo was taken by Antonio Oquias uploaded as a royalty-free photo on popular online photo libraries such as Shutterstock and Dreams Time. The idea was to give easy access to everyone to create awareness about Water Pollution. This picture was taken at the capital of the Philippines, Manila. This can be viewed on the website of Cardiff University in the UK too.

So many people have used this photo in news related to water pollution as it can be used for free. This photo has also been used on the website of Cardiff University in the UK.

However, Antonio who uploaded the photo, mentioned on the Shutterstock website that the photo was taken at the capital of the Philippines, Manila in 2008.

If you search the internet for Manila River pollution you will find a lot of news about photos taken from many angles like that photo and the heavy pollution of the rivers in Manila.


In our search, that photo uploaded and retweeted by Priti Gandhi and Vanathi Srinivasan which is claimed to be captioned as “Maharashtra government has spent over Rs 1,000 crore to clean up the Mithi river in Mumbai” was a photo commonly found on the Internet. Antonio Oquias, the person who uploaded it mentioned that it was taken in the Philippines. So this is false news.

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