Sadhu’s assault and abuse happened in MP Kandhwa is not done by a Muslim man


Video of vandalism brutality by pulling the hair and beard of an elderly monk is viral.. It is being told…. that the incident was carried out by people of some special community. Action should be taken after identifying it.

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In the viral video shared on the X account, we were able to see an angry youth dragging a Sadhu and he himself with the help of scissors is grabbing and cutting the hair of the monk. It is also heard in the video that he verbally abuses the monk while cutting his beard and hair. So many people are standing and watching this disturbing situation in the video.  When people tried to speak some sense to the angry youth, he didn’t budge.

Some users even added that this is done by some special community people and some claimed it must be the brutality of the jihadis. This video is widely spread on social media which can be seen here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

When we used the relevant keyframes, we came to know that, this is an old video from last year 2022 which is again circulated with the same false narrative. According to the article published in Dainik Bhaskar with the title, “In Khandwa, the monk’s hair was cut, slapped, VIDEO: Hotel operator’s son dragged and beat the monk who was begging; abused” the incident took place in front of a barber shop in the Patjan village of Khandwa district, Madhya Pradesh.

It is said in the article that a monk was dragged and beaten up by the son of the operator of Renuka restaurant. The angry youth was identified as Praveen Gaur, son of Ramdas Gaur, the hotelier who came to the weekly market in Patajan where the monk was seen begging for the alms. He forcefully grabbed the hair of the monk while fighting and dragging him towards a barbershop. When the people around them tried to stop him, he was not ready to listen to them.

According to the information, the reason for the dispute is when the Sadhu told the past of the young man about his wife. The young man got angry when he heard the Sadhu saying that his wife won’t return which turned into an ugly fight. So he himself picked up the scissor and cut the monk’s hair while beating and abusing him. Later the monk escaped from the clutches of the young man. This article further states that the accused Praveen Gaur was taken into custody and a case has been registered against him for the assault of the monk.  We also found the same video uploaded by Hindustan Times Youtube channel mentioning the news reported by Dainik Bhaskar. Thus, this case doesn’t have any communal angle since both parties belong to the same Hindu community.


Therefore, YouTurn concludes that this is a year-old video circulated again with a false communal spin where both the accused and the victim are from the same Hindu community.


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