Saffron flag was not replaced with Pakistan flag in Karnataka’s Bhatkal after Congress’s victory.


Bhatkal. Soon after Congress victory in Karnataka

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Karnataka state assembly elections were held on May 10 and the votes were counted on May 13. Congress won 135 seats and is all set to take Karnataka. Meanwhile, a 17-second video clip purportedly showing a green coloured flag waved during the celebration of Congress’s victory in the Karnataka elections is shared in the context that an Islamic flag is being waved in Bhatkal and that this is the beginning of Karnataka state. One of the posts claims that the saffron flag is being removed and replaced with Islamic Flag at Bhatkal and another post claims that Pakistan flag was waved in Bhatkal.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely it is found that the flags including the green coloured Islamic flag, saffron coloured flag with the ‘Om’ symbol and a blue coloured flag representing Dalits are also being waved. The Saffron flag is not removed or replaced with green coloured Islamic flag as claimed.

Speaking to Vartha Bharati, SP Vishnuvardhana urged social media users to refrain from spreading rumors and posting sensitive content that could lead to a law and order situation in the region. He said, “It was a religious flag, and it was not a Pakistani flag. We have confirmed it, and we request the social media users not to share any misleading information that could create communal unrest.”

According to the reports, some of the Muslim supporters had joined the rally carrying green flags to portray unity among the local Hindus and Muslims as the Hindu supporters had brought saffron flags to the rally. This was in fact meant to indicate that the two communities had played an equal role in ensuring the victory of the Congress candidate.

Alt News reached out to local people for videos shot at Bhatkal in Karnataka. And it can be seen in the videos posted that Saffron flag is not removed or replaced with green flag but all three flags including saffron, blue and green are being waved during the celebrations.


It is found that the saffron flag is not removed or replaced with green coloured flag. But saffron, green and blue coloured flags were waved in Bhatkal as a part of celebrating Congress’s victory. And it is to be noted that Pakistan flag was not waved during the celebration, green coloured flag is misunderstood as Pakistan flag by the social media users.

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