No, Sanskrit Shlokas are not sung in Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.


The British have always acknowledged the impact of ancient Indian civilization! At the funeral services of the late Queen Elizabeth II, Sanskrit shlokas being recited for the well being of her soul!

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After 70 years at helm, the Queen Elizabeth II died on 8th September 2022 in her Balmoral Castle, Scotland. After her death, Prince Charles has been proclaimed King Charles III.

A video of children reciting Sanskrit Shlokas is being widely shared in social media and it is being claimed to be done on Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

What’s the truth ?

The video that is being shared on social media is not from the Queen’s funeral, as it has not happened yet. According to BBC, the funeral is scheduled to take place on 19th September at Westminster Abbey, the usual burial place for the Kings and Queens.

The video is actually from the Queen’s Baton Rally 2010 that took place in Buckingham Palace on 29th October 2009 with children of the St.James School choir performing.

This video is published in WildFilmsIndia’s official YouTube channel 3 years ago on May 2019.

An article and a video regarding the Queen’s Baton Relay 2009 can be found on Times of India’s website.


The video of children reciting Sanskrit Shlokas circulating in social media claiming to be from the Queen’s funeral is actually from 2009 and it was taken in the Buckingham Palace during Queen’s Baton Relay. The claim that Sanskrit Shlokas were recited in Queen’s funeral is false as the funeral is yet to take place.

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