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Did Gurumurthy say that he was ready to fall on Sasikala’s feet?


I am ready to fall on the feet of Sasikala to defeat DMK – Gurumurthy, Thuglak Editor

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During the Thuglak weekly magazine’s 51st anniversary event, auditor Gurumurthy cited the example of Sasikala in a disrespected manner, we could not wait for the Ganges water when the house was on fire instead we can use sewage water.

In this situation, they are sharing the edited news card of the Puthiyathalaimurai news on social media that Gurumurthy has said that he is ready to fall on Sasikala’s feet to defeating DMK.

Facebook link | Archive link

Gurumurthy said, “If Sasikala and others rejoin the BJP-AIADMK alliance, the AIADMK will become a dynasty party like the DMK.”


Gurumurthy has commented on his Twitter page on reports that if Sasikala supports the BJP-AIADMK alliance. “I still consider AMMK as the Mannargudi Mafia. Even though they are part of the BJP-AIADMK alliance, I consider them as a mafia just as they considered Chandrasami as a sewer, ” Gurumurthy said.

Nowhere he didn’t say that he is ready to fall on Sasikala’s feet to defeating DMK.

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