Did Mylswamy Annadurai say that the Panchangam prediction is essential for the precise launch of a satellite?


Panchangam prediction is essential for precise satellite launch – ISRO Mylswamy’s precise answer



When Actor Madhavan was asked if there was any connection between the Rocketry and the Panchangam during a press conference on the film “Rocketry”, he said, “Definitely, there is a strong connection. In 2014, India launched a satellite to Mars. When the spacecraft was launched from Sriharikota to Mars, it was sent directly leaving the other planets with the help of celestial panchangam predicted 1000 years ago. Nambi Narayan’s son-in-law Arunan Mangalyan was the director of the project.

It is unknown at that time if it has taken the right path, the signals sent from here will reach the destination only after 48 hours. The Panchangam is behind the reason for the successful launch of the satellite on a small budget without electricity.”

Actor Madhavan has been criticized on social media for linking a satellite launch to a 1000-year-old panchangam.

Following this, a picture of a newspaper page has been shared on social media saying that former ISRO chief scientist Mylswami Annadurai has responded to actor Madhavan’s speech by saying, “Panchangam prediction is essential for precise satellite launch”.

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The message said, “If a satellite is to be launched into a particular planet, it is possible to predict the position of the planet through the Panchangam (Almanac). Only the word Panchangam, which was predicted a thousand years ago, is wrong in what actor Madhavan has said. Otherwise, the satellites are launched precisely with the help of the Panchangam.”

What is the truth?

Former ISRO chief scientist Mylswamy Annadurai told a TV channel about actor Madhavan’s speech in an interview, “Panchangam (Almanac) is being used all over the world for space travel like this normally. It is made from the Aryabhata period to see from here. But that panchangam is not the one that lasts for years. I think the word panchangam predicted 1000 years ago is incorrect.

We can’t go to Mars today with the panchangam predicted 1000 years ago. This is because the panchangam that we have has global changes from time to time by predicting the locations of the planets that may change from time to time. Subject to that change is our recent panchangam (almanac).

Launch time is calculated after using this to find the time to start the journey from Sriharikota, how fast to travel initially to get to that place if we start the journey now, and predicting scientifically the places where the planets are, the movement of the planets, the place where we are on earth, how the PSLV that we will send would travel, how the moon travels from there. After predicting everything and doing many computer simulations, that time is calculated only after various studies. It is not predicted by the Panchangam.”

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Commenting on the criticism on social media, including Twitter, actor Madhavan tweeted, “I deserve this for calling the Almanac the “Panchang” in Tamil. Very ignorant of me. Though this cannot take away for the fact that what was achieved with just 2 engines by us in the Mars Mission.A record by itself. Vikas engine is a rockstar.”


It is misleading that ISRO scientist Mylswamy Annadurai said the Panchangam prediction was essential for precise satellite launch. Almanac, for space research scientists, has been known to predict the launch time of a satellite after various computer simulations and various studies.

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