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Were two male commentators banned from the WPL commentary box for making sexist comments?


Two male commentators are banned from the WPL commentary box after one of them mistakenly said “women hahaha” after a player dropped a simple catch.

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An image showing a blurred image of three men from the cricket commentary box is shared widely on Facebook with a claim that two male commentators are banned from the Women’s Premier League after one of them mistakenly made sexist comments when a player dropped a simple catch. Some of the posts with the image can be seen here and here. The image is viral on Facebook and can be seen below.

What is the truth?

When watching the viral image closely, it is found that the image was initially posted by a Twitter account with the user name ‘hp_mode2’. Another word ‘*satire*’ is also found on the left side of the image where the username is watermarked on the right side of the image.

When searching the profile we found the viral image posted on his page on 10, March 2023 with the caption ‘WPL’ with a laughing emoji.


He responded in a context that it is a ‘satirical post’ to another tweet that asks if the information is true. The word ‘satire’ can be seen in the viral image when it is zoomed out. He cropped the part of the image that has the word ‘satire’ and commented the image to the question if the information is true.


When searching for the original image, a Deccan Herald article from May 2019 is found carrying the viral image. The article is titled ‘Cricket commentary in Kannada captures hearts’. And the image is captioned ‘Sujith Somasundar, Vijay Bharadwaj and (standing) Srinivas Murthy during an IPL match recently’.


It is found that a satirical post on the ban of two male commentators of WPL for making sexist comments is shared thinking it as a real incident. And the image used in the satire post is not from recent WPL commentary but from 2019.

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