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No, Saudi Arabia did not ban the installation of loudspeakers in mosques.


Saudi Arabia banned the installation of loudspeakers in mosques – and said those who believe in religion, why do they need the Imam to call from the mosque…

They should be present in the mosque beforehand, without being invited, at the time of prayer.

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A video is shared on social media with the claim that Saudi Arabia banned loudspeakers at mosques stating that those who believe in religion need not wait for the Imam’s call from the mosque and that they should be present in the mosque at the time of prayer without being invited. Similar posts can be seen here, here and here.


What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords ‘Saudi Arabia restricts loudspeakers at mosques’ a Facebook post from ‘WION’ dated 1, June 2021 is found carrying the video in the viral post.

It says “Islamic Ministry of Saudi Arabia passed an order on the use of loudspeakers at mosques: to set loudspeakers to 1/3rd of maximum volume and to use loudspeaker only for the call of prayer”. The same video is also published on the WION Youtube channel the same day.

The ‘Aljazeera’ article dated 1, June 2021 mentions that the order was issued in response to citizens’ complaints against the loud volume of loudspeakers in mosques.

The order was welcomed by some in the country and was criticized by others. In response to it, Islamic Affairs Minister Abdullatif al-Sheikh said, “Those who want to pray do not need to wait for … the imam’s” call to prayer. “They should be at the mosque beforehand,” he said in a video published by state television, reported by Aljazeera.


It is found that the viral post that claims Saudi Arabia banned loudspeakers in mosques is misleading as they did not ban the installation of loudspeakers in mosques but restricted the usage of loudspeakers in mosques to call for prayer only and orders to reduce the volume of the loudspeakers to one-third of their maximum volume.

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