No, Saudi Arabia players are not getting Rolls Royce for defeating Argentina


Saudi Arabia players to get a Rolls-Royce each for defeating Argentina.

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It was all over the national and international mainstream media and sports channels that Saudi Arabian football team that defeated Argentina in their first match in FIFA World Cup that is being held in Qatar is getting Rolls Royces. It was reported that the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is buying each player a Rolls Royce for their victory against the Argentina team. Some of these posts can be seen here, here, here and here.

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What is the truth?

There was no official statement regarding each Saudi Arabia football player being gifted with a Rolls Royce car. Moreover, Saudi Arabia football team coach Herve Renard and Saleh Alshehri, a football player can be seen denying the claim in one of the press meets. Daily Mail article relays the same information.

Arab News mentions in it’s article dated 26, November 2022, “Fake news stories have been circulating that each player was given a fancy car after the impressive win over Argentina”.

Gurbaksh Singh Chahal’s tweet on 26, November 2022 is as follows:

WATCH: #BNNQatar Reports

“I’ve read that every Saudi player has been gifted a Rolls-Royce as a reward for the win over Argentina, which color did you choose?”

Saleh Alshehri: “It’s not true, we’re here to serve our country, it’s our biggest achievement.”

“That’s our reward.”

The same video clip of the press conference was posted by the ‘GOAL’ Twitter page on 27, November 2022 with the caption which roughly translates as:

British journalist – “I heard you got luxury cars after the victory over Argentina? What color did you choose for your car?”

‎Saleh Alshehri – “No, no, this is not true, and it did not happen! We are here to serve the country only.”

Another tweet from a user ‘Ahmed’ on 25, November 2022 is as below:

Journalist: Is this your best achievement??

Renard enters: We have a serious government and ministry of sport, and this is not the time to get involved right now. We only won a game and we still have two important matches. It’s not true what you said

Some of the news media outlets later reported that the Saudi Arabia coach denied the claim. But earlier news article on Rolls Royce gift still remains the same.


It is found that the claim that Saudi Arabian football players are being gifted Rolls Royce is fake news as there was no official statement from Saudi Arabia and the team’s Coach denied the claim.

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