Video from Kuwait shared as Saudi defence minister fled after hearing the sound of firecrackers !


The Saudi defence minister arrived at the Chinese embassy in Riyadh to celebrate Chinese New Year. It seems the Chinese forgot to inform the Saudi minister or his staff that there would be fireworks to welcome him. Watch the fun.

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A video claiming that Saudi Arabia’s defence minister arrived at the Chinese embassy in Riyadh to wish Chinese New Year but ran away without conveying the wishes as he was shocked by hearing the sound of Chinese crackers, is viral on social media platforms across India.

What is the truth?

The video circulating on social media about the Saudi defence minister did not actually take place in Riyadh. In this regard, the Al-Hadeed news channel in Kuwait has released a news video on December 12, 2019.

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According to the news, the incident was a video of the Emiri Guards’ military training program at the Gulf Defense and Aviation Exhibition.

The video shows security forces training in Kuwait on how to react and defend themselves during an attack. People can be seen taking videos on their cell phones while this event was happening.


The viral video claiming that the Saudi defence minister fled the Chinese embassy with security personnel after seeing firecrackers explode while arriving at the Chinese embassy to celebrate Chinese New Year is false. This video can be identified as a military training event held in Kuwait.

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