SC refused to intervene in Sai Baba issue, but rumour has it that court declared Sai Baba as a Muslim.


Due to the court order that Sai Baba is a Muslim, all Baba’s nests..Idols of our Hindu Goddesses..are destroyed.

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A 2:16-minute video showing a person demolishing an idol of ‘Sai Baba’ in the presence of a few others is shared to claim that idols of Sai Baba are destroyed after the Court’s order declaring Sai Baba as a Muslim.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found a tweet dated 28, March 2021 by Nigar Parveen carrying the viral video. The video is credited to social media with the caption “Saying that Sai Baba was a Muslim, the idol was vandalized, keep quiet, slowly everyone’s number will come.” The tweet was updated mentioning that the case of demolition of Sai temple is being told of Shahpur Jat of the capital Delhi.

With further search, we found a video dated 31, March 2022 on The Lallantop YouTube channel carrying matching visuals from the viral video. The description part reads “An idol of Shirdi ke Sai Baba was broken and removed from a temple in Delhi’s Shahpur Jat area. A social media user, named Salman Pratapgadhi, claimed that idol was demolished because Sai Baba was a Muslim. Though, it wasn’t found truth in Aajtak/IndiaToday investigative report. Temple’s committee members told that idol wasn’t broken, but removed”.

Scroll reported that a man seen supervising in the viral video in a white shirt is seen with a saffron stole and seated next to Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati, a Hindu priest from Ghaziabad in western Uttar Pradesh. He also congratulated the person for removing the idol mentioning Sai Baba as a jihadi.

When searching to know if the court has passed any order declaring Sai Baba as Muslim, we found Aaj Tak news video dated October 2014 on its Youtube channel reporting about it. The video is titled “Supreme Court won’t intervene in Shirdi Saibaba-Shankaracharya row”.

The description part reads “The Supreme Court on Monday refused to intervene in the controversy between Shirdi Saibaba devotees and followers of Dwarka Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand Saraswati over the God-like status of Shirdi Saibaba. Saibaba devotees had approached the court against the Shankaracharya’s diktat that Sai idols must be removed from temples”.

Earlier it was falsely claimed that Saibaba Trust has donated 35 crore rupees to perform Haj. Youturn fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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It is found that the court has not declared Sai Baba as a Muslim as claimed. In fact, Supreme Court refused to intervene in such a sensitive issue.

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