Scenes of a training video for cabin crew is shared as real fight.


Not giving good ‘sanskar’ to child and then behave like a cultured man Very bad behavior with senior citizens. He should be punished.

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An old man and a middle-aged man argue about the child’s behaviour in front of the old man in the one-minute and fifteen-second viral video. Additionally, we witness a flight attendant attempting to persuade and calm the two of them so they can sit in their assigned seats.

The user who shared the post asserted that the man ought to be punished for acting badly towards the elderly citizen and failing to raise the child with manners. Similar posts with such claims can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

We observed the video carefully and found the women’s tag printed with the words ‘Fly High Institute’. We used it as a cue and discovered that the video was posted on the YouTube channel “Fly High Institute.” The video was titled “The handicapped, children and senior citizens need a watchful eye from the Cabin Crew.”

The description box of the video explains that an understanding of the basic psychology of kids and senior citizens is required for the cabin crew. The fact that the aforementioned video explicitly states to “stay tuned for the third part” validates that it is a component of the training provided by the relevant institution.

When we intensified the research we found the next video uploaded by the same institute titled “Last time we discussed about senior citizens temperament and kids naivety” with the same set of people.

The man in this video becomes agitated and requests a seat adjustment from the flight attendant because he finds it uncomfortable to sit next to the elderly man. He continued by saying he wished to talk about his concerns with the senior in person. He meets the senior as well, explaining his predicament.

The description box of the video says that in such heated arguments, a responsible cabin crew should douse the fire by calming down the people involved.

When we searched regarding this ‘Fly High Institute’ we learned that it’s an aviation academy where highly qualified professionals and skilled trainers play a pivotal role in offering all its students world-class training and placement support. The companies then conduct exclusive on-campus interviews with students at Fly High Aviation Academy to get their dream jobs after course completion.

All of this explains why the viral video led to accusations that the man didn’t teach the child manners is wholly untrue. In actuality, the video is staged and not authentic. 


Thus, we conclude that the viral video stating the man’s bad behaviour toward the old man is punishable is misleading. In reality, the institute produced a scripted video to train the cabin crew.

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