Thanthi TV’s fake news: If school teachers do not update their attendance in the app, their salaries will be deducted!


If attendance is not updated on the app before 10 am, teachers’ salaries will be deducted.



”Education department’s Action Plan. Teachers’ attendance updation through the app from 1st August. The plan will be implemented in all state and government-funded schools across Tamil Nadu. According to a source in the education department, if attendance is not registered on the app by 10 am, the salary will be deducted”, Thanthi TV published this as a piece of important news.

What is the truth?

When we contacted the School Education Department at the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretariat to find out the authenticity, they said, “Work is in progress to update the attendance of teachers through the Internet. However, the news that teachers’ pay will be deducted if they do not register their attendance before 10 am through the app from August 1 is false. Nothing like that has been announced.”

Similarly, on the Twitter page of TNDIPR, the news published by Thanthi TV is mentioned as false.


The news published by Thanthi TV that if the attendance is not updated on the app by 10 am from August 1st, the salary of school teachers will be deducted is false.

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