Scripted video falsely shared as a real incident of halala by right-wing supporters.


Father’s father i.e. Grandfather got Halala done. The grandfather turned out to be a bastard, refused to return the grandson’s wife. The wife also tasted the pleasure and the wife herself became a grandmother. Religion is one color many, that’s why no one leaves religion easily.

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A 2:20-minute video purportedly showing an elderly person marrying his grandson’s wife and later the woman refusing to go back to his grandson is viral now. This video is shared with the claim that they belong to the Muslim community. The word ‘halala’ is seen in the viral posts carrying this video with such a claim. Many of the right-wing supporting Twitter accounts shared the video with similar claims accusing Muslims. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

Some of the posts shared the viral video with the caption “This is the beauty of religion. Got his wife’s halala done by his own grandfather. Grandfather enjoyed it so much that he married his wife permanently. Grandfather is grandfather, the wife also turned out to be unfaithful”. Some post in Hindi reads as “बाप के बाप यानी दादा से हलाला करवाया।दादा हरामी निकला, पोते की बीबी को लौटाने से ना कर दी। बीबी ने भी मजाचखा दिया बीबी स्व दादी हो गई। मजहब एक रंग अनेक, इसी लिए कोई आसानी से मजहब नहीं छोड़ता।

What is the truth?

There were multiple scripted videos similar to this video, that went viral earlier. When searching the Social media pages that usually share scripted videos majorly on its pages, we found the viral video on Sharmin Shakil‘s Youtube channel. The video was uploaded on 25, November 2022 mentioning it as a mysterious event in the title.

The description part mentions that the stories are taken from real life. A disclaimer note is put up mentioning that the channel is not responsible if the story of the video matches someone’s life quoting “Everyone will watch the videos as entertainment. Here is today’s entertainment for you. Keep watching the entertainment”.

This particular viral video has 1.6M views. The video is 9:31 minutes long. And the visual from the viral video can be seen from the 7:15 minutes timeframe of the video. This Youtube channel has posted several such scripted videos and all these videos have good reach in terms of views. It is to be noted that most of the videos on this channel can be seen with repeated faces in the same attire. Some of the other videos with the same people and in the same attire as seen in the viral video can be seen here and here.

Multiple scripted videos similar to this viral video, purportedly showing a young woman or man getting married to an elderly person were shared as real incidents earlier. Youturn fact-checked the extremely viral ones and published articles on the same.

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A scripted video of a young woman marrying an old man is mistaken to be real and shared virally.

A scripted video of a 22-yr-old man marrying a 52-yr-old woman is shared thinking as real


It is found that a clipped portion of a scripted video is shared to claim it as a real incident of halala in the Muslim community.

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