Scripted video of groom beaten by his father-in-law for demanding dowry is shared as real.


The son-in-law asked for a motorcycle in dowry, the father-in-law gave him slippers in front of everyone, This is a good way to boycott dowry system

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A 1-minute video clip purportedly showing a quarrel between bride and groom for demanding a two-wheeler as dowry, and the groom ending up getting beaten with a slipper by his father-in-law in front of the guests is viral on social media. This piece of news is initially published by media channels including News 18, Aaj Tak and News 18 Himachal, English Jagran along with the video after which it got viral on social media platforms. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

The posts in Hindi read as “दामाद ने दहेज में मांगी मोटरसाइकिल , ससुर ने सबके सामने चप्पल से सूत दिया , दहेज प्रथा काबहिष्कार करने का ये अच्छा तरीका है

What is the truth?

Some of the comments in the comments section mention that the video is old and is scripted. By taking a cue from it and searching with relevant keywords we found that the video is indeed old and scripted. We found the full-length version of the viral video uploaded on the ‘Maithili Bazar’ Youtube channel on 8, May 2021 with the Hindi title roughly translated as  “After all, why did the bridegroom beat the bride at the time of farewell and the groom’s father beat the groom?”

The description part mentioned the artists performed in the video as Sunil Suman, Pooja Mishra and Mohan Mandal. This proves that the video is scripted. When skimming through the other videos we found that the Youtube channel regularly uploads scripted videos.

The About section of ‘Maithili Bazar’ mentions that the channel provides comedy videos for entertainment. It also provides the link to its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

The Instagram page of the account has the username ‘Saroj Suman’. And the bio part mentions that Maithili Bazar is a Youtube comedy channel and that their channel entertains viewers by showing Hindi Bhojpuri and Maithili short comedy videos.

There were similar instances where mainstream media reported the scripted videos as real incidents. Social media users also shared the scripted videos thinking them to be real. Youturn fact-checked some of them and published articles on the same.

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It is found that the viral video is a scripted one made by Maithili Bazar’s Youtube channel for entertainment. This video is misreported by multiple media reports and is also shared by social media users by thinking it as real.

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