Scripted video of Hindu-Muslim social experiment is making rounds on the internet with false narratives.


When a Muslim stands or walks among Hindu majority area, he/she can pass through without anyone stopping/pushing. But can a Hindu walk through a Muslim majority area without being bothered/pushed away? Check this video. A Hindu cannot stand/passthrough without being stopped.

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In a 56-second-long viral video, we can see a Hindu man wearing a saffron scarf standing in a pathway. He is approached by a Muslim man wearing a cap. They both talk and after a while, there seems to be some kind of squabble between them. This video is widely circulated on social media with the claims that Hindu people can’t even walk or stand peacefully in a Muslim-dominated area. the posts further says “Whereas, Muslims can stand and walk without any pushing or pulling by the Hindus.” Come, let’s see the truth behind this sensational video.

What’s the truth?

While Youturn started the research with the relevant keywords, we stumbled upon this Youtube channel namely, “PM 2 Vlogs”. The channel displays a description as, “Hello Guys, I help homeless people and also do social expirment. If you like Our content then make sure to hit the like button and subscribe our channel. Thanks for your support.”

When we intensified the search we found the viral video portion inside a lengthy 19-minute scripted video posted by the same channel on 26, July 2023 with the title, ‘Social Experiment| Hindu| Muslim’. As we watched the video, the viral clip started exactly in the 12-minute and 24 seconds timeline. This was the same portion which was shared on social media with slight modifications and false narratives.

The video shows the same two person in the same costumes and at the same place. The hindu man was waiting in a footpath, after a minute, a Muslim man proceeds towards him. He further asks the waiting person, “why are you standing here?” The Hindu man replies, “what is your problem if I’m standing here?” For this, the Muslim man tells him, “Yes, I have a problem if you are standing here. Go and stand somewhere else”.  In the video, we can see that the Muslim man pushes the Hindu man during their argument and pulls him out of the pathway, from where he was standing. While they got into a dispute, some passersby stop and stare at them. Some people even come and ask about the issue between the two. The Hindu man tells the people gathered around him that he is standing there to meet someone, and asks if there is a problem if a Hindu stands on the Muslim area. He goes on to complain to the people saying “see this man is pushing and pulling me”. Due to their altercation, they attracted some crowd around them watching them quarrel. Some even tried to pacify of them.

The man further explains that they create such videos like going and standing in a Muslim area, start a fight, and see whether any Muslim person come for their rescue. In spite of all this, it was a shocking revelation when they both finally asked the crowd of people to face the camera and wave, ‘Hi’. They even went on to add that they make such scripted videos to create harmony among both the Hindu and Muslim communities.

So, the above viral video is an edited version from the original video which is made into a small clip with a spin against Muslims.


Thus, it is clearly evident that the controversial clip is taken out of context from a scripted video and circulated on social media with false accusations about Muslims. The original video is from a Youtube channel which makes such content to create a good relationship between both communities.

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