Rahul Gandhi was inside the Lok Sabha during breach in the parliament!


Rahul Gandhi was not in Lok Sabha when two men trespassed – Puthiyathalaimurai

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On this day marking the anniversary of the attack on the previous Parliament in 2001, two unidentified individuals broke into the Lok Sabha and threw yellow smoke canisters, causing a security lapse.

Although this has sparked controversy in some political circles, four individuals including two women have been detained in connection to the incident.

In this instance, the Puthiyathalaimurai news channel covered the story and posted a news during the live broadcast at 1:49 PM saying that “Prime Minister, Rahul was not in the House at the time of the trespass”.

Additionally, the report mentioned that “the incident took place minutes before Congress MP Rahul Gandhi arrived in the House” at 1:50 PM in the live telecast.

What is the truth?

After analyzing the news reports, it is known that Rahul Gandhi was present in the Lok Sabha when two people trespassed.

On his X website, Karthi Chidambaram MP shared a picture of this incident. Rahul Gandhi, the president of the Congress, is seen in it standing close to a colored smoke canister that is being thrown inside the Lok Sabha.

In a similar vein, India Today media covered this incident and posted a video with the title “Parliament Winter Session 2023: Couple jumped Into Lok Sabha Chamber from Gallery, House Adjourned.” It is evident from the video that Rahul Gandhi was close to his seat at the time of the infraction.

Visitor Pass:

In addition, a social media post featuring a picture of Dharmapuri MP Senthil Kumar with the caption, “If you want to visit the Parliament from the gallery please send the hashtag #parliamentpass,” was spotted on BJP member Sanghi Prince’s X page. The post implied that the MP ought to be held accountable for the breach of parliament security.

The visitor pass belonging to Pratap Simha, a Mysore-based BJP Lok Sabha member, was utilised by the two intruders to enter today’s Lok Sabha meeting. After knowing this, the X post mentioned above was taken down.


Through our investigation, we have discovered that Puthiyathalaimurai’s report which claimed that Rahul Gandhi was not present in the house when two individuals broke into the Lok Sabha, is untrue. They are also sharing false information by linking the DMK MP to the security lapse.

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