Seema Haider and Samia Rehman from Pakistan are not same person as claimed.


In a sensational revelation on #SeemaHaider, a shocking claim has been made that #SeemaHaider’s real name is #SamiaRehman and she is an #lSU agent of the #Paklstan Army whose aim was to trap the #Indian youth and settle in #India. But Y not any big post guy?

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Seema Haider, a Pakistani national entered India illegally in May with her children to live with Sachin Meena from Uttar Pradesh, whom she met in an online gaming application PUBG. She was arrested earlier this month for illegal entry.

Meanwhile, a video purportedly showing a comparison of two photos is shared widely to claim that Seema Haider’s real name is Samia Rehman and that she is an ISU agent of the Pakistan army whose sole aim was to trap Indian youth and settle in India. It is believed that the Pakistan army is playing a strategic game by sending the agent to India.

What is the truth?

When searching with the name ‘Samia Rehman’ we found multiple tweets confirming the identity of Samia Rehman. A tweet dated March 2020 is found carrying a photo of Samia Rehman. This tweet mentions that 78 Pakistan army women are serving under the UN in various roles across the world. Samia Rehman is found to be a UN peacekeeper from this tweet.

Another tweet by MM News is found carrying an image of her that is compared in the viral posts. This tweet dated May 2020 mentions that Major Samia Rehman was determined to work despite her mission ends. The tweet carried a link to an article that mentions her as a Pakistani female UN peacekeeper.

The article stated that her duty ended in April 2020 but she was unable to return home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It further mentions that she was awarded a certificate by Major-General Thierry Lion on behalf of the UN Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) for her extraordinary performance in Mission Level Studies, analysis, and other valuable contributions.

A tweet dated May 2020 by U.S. Central Command – URDU is found mentioning Major Samia as the Operational Planning Officer of the UN Mission in Congo.

Free Press Journal reported that Seema Haider is out of prison on bail and is living with Sachin Meena. The article reported, “She also dispelled rumours of being a Pakistani spy. She commented that she is not even educated enough. She also said that she and her 4 children are happy and content in Sachin’s home in India.”

We also found the earliest dated viral tweet with a similar claim by a Twitter user with the username ‘Congress_Indira’ and noticed a hashtag ‘satire’ at the end of the tweet. And the Twitter bio of this profile is stated as ‘parody’.

In addition to it, an article on ‘Bhaskar’ website reported the marriage certificate of Seema Haider to prove that she is different from Major Saima Rehman. And mentions that Samia Rehman is a Pakistan army major and her husband has also served in the DRC as a peacekeeper whereas Seema Haider’s husband is in Saudi Arabia. And most importantly how would a country’s army choose a face that is known across the world as a spy agent?


It is found that Seema Haider is not Samia Rehman and both are two different persons from Pakistan.

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