This article is from Sep 11, 2020

Did Seeman redirect party funds to his bank’s account?


None of our Tamil relations will be sending funds to the party’s bank account until further notice. The party is manipulating money and an investigation is underway. Send regular funds to my personal bank account in the meantime and do your duty for Tamil Nadu – Your Beloved Seeman




Seeman, the NTK party’s coordinator, pointed allegations against Professor Kalyanasundaram and Rajiv Gandhi, a lawyer in the Naam Tamilar Party, as the party’s internal affairs erupted. Subsequently, both Prof. Kalyanasundaram and Rajiv Gandhi left the party.

In this context, a statement claiming to be from the party has been shared on a social networking site asking supporters not to send their funds to the party’s bank account instead informing them to send the funds to Seeman’s own bank account, as some have manipulated the party’s money.

In this regard, NTK & Seaman’s social media pages have not published any such post. Recently, a statement was issued on September 10, on Seeman’s twitter page stating that the Tamil Nadu government should give pressure to withdraw of the approval given for the construction of an oil refinery at Panangudi.


Further, when we contacted Idumbavanam Karthi, he denied that the report was a hoax. The statement issued did not include the date, the party’s website address or any such authentic data.It is possible to know that the party statement paper was photoshopped and shared.

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