Fake news spreads that Seeman said that he will welcome Prime Minister Modi himself next time!


I will welcome Prime Minister Modi myself next time. It is a shame that Modi’s picture is not included in the posters. We strongly condemn the insult by the Chief Minister who invited Modi but did not welcome him in person. Next time I will personally go and welcome Prime Minister Modi – Naam Tamilar Katchi leader Seeman!

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Many DMK supporters are posting the news card of Thanthi TV which mentions that the coordinator of Naam Tamilar Katchi, Seeman said that it is a shame that the photo of Prime Minister Modi who came to inaugurate the International Chess Olympiad program was not included in the advertisements and that next time he will personally welcome Prime Minister Modi.


What is the truth?

As Prime Minister Modi’s photo was not included in the advertisements placed in connection with the International Chess Olympiad in Tamil Nadu, the BJP people pasted the Prime Minister’s picture on the posters. In this regard, the court ordered that the Government of Tamil Nadu should ensure that the photographs of the President and the Prime Minister are displayed.

Seeman, who participated in the protest in Ennore, while talking to reporters, was asked about the issue of the Prime Minister’s picture being pasted on the posters, “You (DMK) invited the Prime Minister to come. If he is called, he should be given due respect. Isn’t this a shame for so many crores of Tamil people? Even if you are an enemy, you should behave politely if you invite them. Isn’t that the method?

Pasting the Prime Minister’s photo by BJP members on the posters is a shame. I am against BJP and DMK. I do not agree with this. Why call and disrespect them? They have to go to court for this and get a verdict that they should give due respect to the President and the Prime Minister, don’t they know this? what kind of administration is this? I condemn this,” he said.

A search on Thanthi TV for news card going viral, no such news was published on August 1. Recently Thanthi TV is not releasing news cards in green colour. They have edited the fake message on the old news card.


The claim that Seeman strongly condemns the insult to Prime Minister Modi by inviting him and not welcoming him in person and the news that Seeman said that he will personally visit and welcome Prime Minister Modi next time is known to be fake.

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