An incorrect image of recent Parliament trespasser Manoranjan is circulated, featuring Mysore SFI leader Vijay Kumar.


Manoranjan performs a crime after getting a pass as “Citizen of the constituency” in the SFI conference !!! Congressmen, low-literals, quit the job of bringing a bad name to Pratap Simha .. !!!

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On December 13, two young men, Manoranjan and Sagar Sharma, scaled the MPs’ table and went into the Lok Sabha auditorium.

In this case, Manoranjan, who trespassed inside is claimed to be a member of SFI (Students Federation of India), a student organization of the Communist Party of India, and a photo of a young man speaking on the microphone in an SFI meeting is going viral on social media. This claim is viral both on Facebook and X. Such posts can be seen here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

Following the news, we did a Google reverse image search and found that this photo does not belong to Manoranjan, who was taken into custody by the Delhi Special Inspector General of Police.

In this regard, a post was published on December 14 denying this claim on the Facebook page of SFI Karnataka. It reads, “Honorable Home Minister, Force appropriate legal action against those who are spreading false news.

Today some miscreants have entered into the Lok Sabha, a holy place representing the citizens of this country, and caused a huge security deficit by spraying color gas. This is an unforgivable crime and condemnable. This is strongly condemned by the Indian Student Federation (SFI) Karnataka State Committee. SFI Karnataka State Committee urges that those who have committed this act have already been arrested.

It has come to know that two of those who performed actions are from Karnataka, one is Haryana and the other is from Maharashtra. Who gave them a pass to enter the Loksabha? Who is behind them, who gave a leap for this? And let there be a thorough investigation into what their purpose was.

The #SFI organization has been struggling nationwide for decades for students, education, and society to progress and a life of harmony, harmony dignity. The communalist #BJP party workers of this country who could not tolerate the organization unnecessarily dragged the name of SFI Mysore district president Vijay Kumar and couldn’t face the organization, the BJP who could not face theoretically are spreading false news on social media.

Through this press statement, we request BJP’s IT cells and admins who are doing such work with malicious intentions and all individuals and groups who are sharing false news and appropriate legal action” on behalf of the Indian Student Federation (SFI) and Karnataka State Committee.

The viral photo was posted on the SFI Mysore Facebook page last year.

In an attempt to locate a picture of the real Manoranjan, one was found in an India Today article. This allows us to verify that the person on the left-hand side of the picture below, who looks to be speaking into a microphone during a meeting, is indeed Vijay Kumar, the district president of SFI Mysore.


During our investigation, we discovered that the image making the rounds on social media, which purports to show that the young person who broke into Parliament is Vijay Kumar, from the SFI group, Mysore.

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Indu Meenakshi

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