Did Shah Rukh Khan say he would be happy if Pakistan won? ‘Boycott Pathaan’ outrage is based on Fake News!

Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie “Pathaan” faces one controversy after another as it heads for release in January.


shahrukh khan clearly admitting that whenever Pakistan wins he is happy because his father’s side won. Bollywood is filled with Peshawari Pathans


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Bollywood Superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s upcoming movie Pathaan is slated to be released in January 2023. Ever since the movie’s song Besharam Rang released on YouTube, it attracted a sharp criticism from the right-wing ecosystem which took offense for Deepika Padukone’s bikini color and Maharashtra’s Home Minister Narottam Mishra vehemently attacked the film followed by several other BJP personalities and their allied organizations, over the color of the actress’ outfit which is dubbed to be sensual.

A still from the Besharam Rang song from the movie “Pathaan”

As that controversy had barely even settled down, another controversy had been kicked by social media users and claims of #BoycottPathaan is being trended, along with a viral video in which Shah Rukh Khan is seen saying that he would be happy if Pakistan won as his father is from Pakistan in addition to saying that he is a Pathaan too, although he lacks the height. See here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

With a keywords search, we found the video to be from 2007 and it was reportedly aired on TV during 30th December 2007. We were able to find a video from YouTube which contains the now viral portion of the video.



Upon further browsing, we came across a video in YouTube which supposedly is the full version of the event in which the viral video in social media is cut from.


The description in the video specifies that “Chak de yaara, an Indian Show organized back in 2007 when Pakistan tour India for an ODI and a Test Series. Shahrukh Khan & Sajid Khan were the host that evening.”

Screengrab from the “Chak De Yaara” event.

In the 34th minute of the video, Shah Rukh Khan can be seen saying that his father is from Peshawar, Pakistan and he is a Pathaan too though he doesn’t look like one as he lacks the typical height of a Pathaan, so he would be happy that his father’s side has won if Pakistan wins and if India wins, he would be happy that his mother’s side had won. He goes on to say that if his father had married women from Australia or England too, he would be happy no matter who won.

Shah Rukh Khan in an event in 2022.

Shah Rukh Khan follows it up by saying “The whole idea of sports is… it is not about winning or losing. It’s the spirit with which you people play. So, I thank Pakistan and India and all the other teams actually, for being so wonderful.”

So, this full video is cut short with just first half of what Shah Rukh Khan said and is being shared to mislead that Shah Rukh Khan is a supporter of Pakistan.

Day 4 1st Test Match between India and Pakistan at Feroz Shah Kotla Ground in New Delhi on November 25, 2007


It should be noted that the even took place in 2007 during Pakistan cricket team’s tour of India in which they played 5 ODIs and 3 Test matches.



A video of Shah Rukh Khan saying he would be happy that his father’s side had won if Pakistan won and he would be happy that his mother’s side had won if India wins, had been cut short and a 20 second clip is shared to mislead that Shah Rukh Khan had said that he would be happy that if Pakistan had won and with an intent to insinuate that he is anti-India and Pro-Pakistan.

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