This article is from May 11, 2022

Kiran Bedi shared a movie scene claiming that a helicopter was attacked by a shark!


The National Geographic Channel has spent $ 1 million on this rare video.



Kiran Bedi was the BJP’s Deputy Governor of the Union Territory of Pondicherry. She posted a video on her Twitter page. The video has a scene where a giant fish from the sea attacks a helicopter. The video caption says that the National Geographic Channel has spent $ 1 million on this video.

What is the truth?

The keyframes from the video shared on Twitter by Kiran Bedi were taken and did a reverse image search, which resulted in a 1-minute trailer video of the movie ‘5 headed shark attack’ which was released in 2017.

The 5-headed shark attacks the helicopter in the trailer and this scene is linked to the National Geographic Channel and has been shared with misinformation on social media. Kiran Bedi also shares it without exploring its authenticity.

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