BJP is taking DK Shivakumar’s comments out of context.


According to @INCKarnataka Chief @DKShivakumar , Mangaluru “Cooker Terrorist” Shariq is innocent.

Reason: Shariq’s terror attack was not as big as Pulwama or Mumbai.

Is DKS inciting his BROTHERS to indulge in bigger terror attacks than smaller ones?


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On 19th November 2022, a pressure cooker bomb burst in a moving auto and Mohammed Shariq was identified to be the person carrying the bomb, who survived the blast with 40% burns. The auto driver too survived with severe injuries and burns. It was suspected that the blast could be a terror attack and the case was handed over to the NIA on 30th November 2022 for further investigation. The accused who carried the bomb had been identified to have indulged in a UAPA case for his graffiti on the walls in Mangaluru and has also been wanted by the police in a different terror case. Hence, he was widely identified as a ‘terrorist’ in the news reports as well.

Following this, BJP’s National General Secretary and in-charge of Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka, C T Ravi had accused Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee chief DK Shivakuamar of giving a ‘clean chit’ to the terror accused Mohammed Shariq.

What’s the truth?

When we did a keyword search, we were able to find the press conference by DK Shivakumar’s press conference which contains the video that is being shared by CT Ravi and other BJP supporters. We were able to find several news items regarding DK Shivakumar’s comment.

In the press conference that is being widely lambasted by BJP, DK Shivakumar questioned if the Mangaluru cooker blast is in the same league as other terror attacks such as the Mumbai or Pulwama attacks.

In the 24th minute of this press conference, DK Shivakumar can be seen commenting about the pressure cooker blast and he points out that the pressure cooker blast was hyped up to be terror attack to suppress the “vote gate” alleged by the Congress.

He had later clarified the same in two separate bytes to Times Now and India Today in which he had said that what Mohammed Shariq did may be wrong, but the BJP is politicizing it. DK Shivakumar criticizes that due process of investigation was not done and before the investigation was completed, the act was branded as terrorism. He pointed out that if the wrongdoing is proven, appropriate punishment should be given.

The response and the comparison with other terror activities could be criticized and his comments about BJP politicizing the issue could also be countered but claiming that DK Shivakumar had given a clean chit to the terror accused Mohammed Shariq is without merit.


DK Shivakumar’s comments about due process not being followed in naming the pressure cooker blast as terror attack and the accused Mohammed Shariq as a terrorist is taken out of proportion to claim that he had given a clean chit to the terror accused.

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