Old video from Karnataka shared as Ram Navami procession in Bihar’s Purnia.



Well done, my Sanatanis….👌👌

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Purniya of Bihar created history!!

3 lakh people descended on the streets of Purnia in the Ram Navami procession!!

Purnia is a district of Muslim majority Seemanchal region.

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Jai Siya-Ram 🙏💐

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Ram Navami celebrations on 30, March 2023 ended up in violence in some of the northern states of India especially Bihar. Meanwhile, a 21-second video of a massive crowd with saffron flags is claimed as 3 lakh people took part in Ram Navami procession in Bihar’s Purnia peacefully. It is mentioned in the post that Purnia is a district of Muslim majority Seemanchal region. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The posts in Hindi read as “शाबाश, मेरे सनातनियो….👌👌 भीड़तंत्र का जवाब भीड़ से👍 बिहार के पूर्णियां ने रचा इतिहास !! रामनवमी शोभायात्रा में पूर्णियां की सड़कों पर उतरे 3 लाख लोग !! मुस्लिम बहुल सीमांचल इलाकेका एक जिला है पूर्णियां।अब कहिये, सब कहिये, जय सियाराम”. the video is viral on Facebook and Twitter with the same claim.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the screengrabs of the viral video using Google Lens we found that the video is old and not from Bihar.

The viral video is found as a part of the 1:13-minute video uploaded by ‘Drapsa – Spark to Fire’ Youtube channel on 18, December 2021. This video is titled with hashtags including the words “Chikmagalur Shobha Yatra Jai Guru Datta Jayanthi 18/12/2021”.

The viral video is also found uploaded by SGS Kannada Vlogs YouTube channel on 19, December 2021 mentioning it as “MG Road Chikmagalur Shobha Yatre | Datta Jayanti 2021”.

The name boards of the shops are seen in Kannada and English in the viral video. When searching for ‘Bharat Fashion in Chikmagalur’ as seen in the viral video, we found the address mentioned as ‘MG Road’.

Moreover, the 360 degree view of the location shows a name-board of a shop matching with the viral video. In addition to it, IDBI bank is identified in the original video and the 360 degree visual.

Another video of Shobha Yatra from Srinagar was shared with a false claim that it is Ram Navami procession in Pakistan. Youturn fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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It is found that a video of Shobha Yatra taken in MG Road, Chikmagalur, Karnataka on the occasion of Datta Jayanthi in 2021 is falsely shared as recent peaceful Ram Navami procession with 3 lakh devotees in Bihar’s Purnia.

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