Short films circulating as the action of the police in the BJP regime are untrue.


The viral tweet in Hindi is roughly translated as, “ Don’t know where this video is from, but strict action should be taken against these savage policemen, the government has filled so much hatred that people have come down to brutality”

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A 30-second video is being circulated on social media about how cruelly the police are behaving towards the citizens during the 9-year rule of the Bharatiya Janata Party in India. In this viral video, some people who look like policemen are shown severely beating a man, threatening him with a gun and pulling his fingernails and torturing him. The same video is even circulated with similar captions on Facebook too. Let’s see how much truth this video holds.

What is the truth?

In the video that went viral, the policeman showing the gun did not have a name badge on his shirt. Apart from that, one of the accompanying policemen can be seen wearing white shoes and another wearing a different cap instead of a police cap.

An internet search using the key frames of the video revealed that it was a short film. A video has been posted on the YouTube page of ‘Vipin Pandey Entertainment Production’ on the 31st of July.

The video, which is about 12 minutes long, has the viral portion at the 10th minute and the 40th second. The scene has been edited as required for the short film. In the description of the video, the names of the actors, cinematographer and editor who worked on the short film are also mentioned.

At the beginning of the video, it is stated that ‘This story is based on a true incident’. But, there is no more information about this true incident at the end of the film.

Some of the scenes taken during the shooting of the short film have been posted as shorts on the same YouTube page. In those shorts, the sensational video which is widely spread is also available.

From the above information, its clearly evident that the video circulating as the action of the police during the BJP regime is a scene from a short film.

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In our research, we conclude that the scenes in the viral video are from a short film which is widely circulated with false claims as the action of the police department during the 9-year rule of the BJP.

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