Clipped video of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s assembly speech is shared with false narratives.


Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah said, “Yes, I have made few poll promises; it is not compulsory to keep up all poll promises.”

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The 10-day winter session of the Karnataka legislature assembly ended on December 15, 2023. Meanwhile, a viral video of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah’s speech is shared to claim that he said that it is not compulsory to keep up poll promises.

The same viral video was shared by BJP representatives and supporters which can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a reverse image search using the keyframes of the viral video and found the original full video posted on the YOYO TV Kannada YouTube channel on 15, December 2023 as “CM Siddaramaiah’s Belagavi winter session.”

In this full video of the assembly session, from timestamp 6:20:35 to 6:22:51 Siddaramaiah is heard saying, “In 2018 Yediyurappa promised that once he forms the government in the first cabinet meeting, he will cancel 1 lakhs debts from all the government, non-government banks, and small finance banks. Did he do that? What moral rights does he have? Remember what the then Chief Minister Yeddyurappa said when Ugrappa, the leader of our party, demanded a loan waiver in the House in 2009? ‘Have we installed a note-printing machine to waive farmers’ loans?’ Didn’t he say that?  Where do we get the cash? Yes, I have made some poll promises. Is it necessary to keep the poll promises.”

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah quoted Yediyurappa’s speech by repeating what he said earlier. This portion of the video is clipped and shared with a false narrative. Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah also tweeted about the viral video and even few media outlets such as Deccan Herald and The Hindu reported about it.


A portion of Karnataka CM’s speech where he repeated Yediyurappa’s speech was clipped and shared with false narratives.

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