Signal Engineer Amir Khan is not absconding or missing. Many news outlets reported incorrectly.

Right wing ecosystem went overboard in spreading a false news report that an engineer named "Amir Khan" is missing.


Congress attacked the Govt 2 weeks ago for ordering CBI probe into the Odisha train accident to determine actual root cause. Now after investigation, the CBI has sealed the house of Railway Junior Signal Engineer Amir Khan, missing with his family since June 2nd. He was previously investigated by the agency, but he is now untraceable & reported to be on the run. This is how Congress ran India from for several decades before, all kinds of mishaps or tragedies happened with no accountability or counter-measure. Opposition parties in every country will demand investigations into accidents, but only in India, the primary opposition openly condemns ruling government for investigating a probable attack in order to save the perpetrators.

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Balasore train accident took place on 2nd June 2023 involving 3 trains. Coromandel Express, Bengaluru-Howrah Express and a goods train involved in the accident which resulted in the death over 290 people. The case has been handed over to the CBI and investigations are underway regarding the cause of the accident and several angles from sabotage to negligence is contemplated in social media.

Several news outelts including India Today, Wion News, Zee News, Business Standard etc reported that an Signal Engineer named Amir Khan had gone missing following the investigation by the CBI. Following the news reports, right-wing websites such as Hindu Post, Swarajya have also reported on the same. The right-wing ecosystem including frequent spreaders of misinformation such as Bala, Mr.Sinha, Cogito, Megh Updates etc have shared the same message. Some of these posts can be seen here, here, here, here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

In a video statement, The Spokesperson for Indian Railways denied the media reports which claimed that Amir Khan is missing. He confirmed that the entire staff is present and is being part of the investigation and are appearing before the investigating officials while also terming the report as factually incorrect.


It is important to note that the false story is focused on a person named “Amir Khan”. Earlier, the right-wing ecosystem claimed that the accident happened near a mosque to insinuate that it was an act of sabotage by Muslims, it was later found out to be an ISCKON temple. Then, later another fake news came out claiming that the station master was a Muslim and he is absconding. But, that was wrong as well.

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The news reports and social media posts that claimed Soro section Signal Junior Engineer Amir Khan is missing while being investigated by the CBI is false. Amir Khan is not absconding or missing as confirmed by the spokesperson for Indian Railways.

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