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Photoshop rumor spreads that a Muslim person is pretending to be a Sikh farmer!


Mustacheless “Singh” in the farmers struggle. Have you ever seen a “sing” hand without a twisted moustache?

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Farmers in Punjab and Haryana were the main participants in the Delhi farmers’ struggle. Therefore, the number of Sikhs in the farmers’ struggle was high. Later, farmers from other states also took part in the protest against the new agricultural law.

In this context, memes are being spread that Muslims are pretending to be Sikh farmers in the ongoing farmers’ struggle in Delhi with a photo of a man without a moustache with a turban and beard. The photo has gone viral across India, including on Facebook and Twitter.

Fact Check:

A live video of protesters being interviewed at Purari’s Nirankari ground near Singh, on the border with Delhi, has been posted on the Hindustan LIVE Farhan Yahiya Facebook page on November 29.

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In the live video taken on the protest, many people, including Sikhs, can be seen in the photo being spread in the 7.28th minute while talking, and he has a moustache.

Someone intentionally removed his moustache from the face of the protesters through Photoshop and it has been misrepresenting that Muslims disguised themselves as Sikh farmers and engaged in the struggle.


Not only Sikhs but also people of other religions like Muslims are participating in the Delhi farmers’ struggle. In the live video above, members of the Muslim community also mentioned that they had joined the struggle. We have published articles on various rumours circulating targeting Muslims in the farmers’ struggle as well.

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