‘The Simpsons’ animated series did not predict the fall of Silicon Valley Bank



Simpson successfully predict Silicon Valley Bank Collapsed.

Simpsons predictions as been 87℅ accurate over the years.

Simpson also Predict Pi Network to be a Big success In Crypto space.

We’re in for a Big ride. Success awaits Pioneers ⚡💥🚀

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The Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) in the US announced recently that it suffered a $1.8 billion after-tax loss creating the second-largest bank failure in US history. Meanwhile, multiple social media posts claimed that the animated series ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank in the 1990s. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

There were multiple false claims earlier that the Simpsons predicted so many things including the Ebola virus, Trump becoming the President of the US and Trump visiting Saudi Arabia. Youturn debunked a few of the claims and published articles on the same.

When searching with relevant keywords, we found a video clip of ‘The Simpsons’ episode carrying matching visuals from the viral video. But the name of the bank is mentioned as ‘BS First Bank of Springfield’ in the place of ‘Silicon Valley Bank’ that appears in the viral video.

This video was uploaded by the ‘Kalki23’ Youtube channel in October 2020 with the title ‘Bart Simpson Starts a Bank Run’. The description part reads “In the episode The PTA Disbands! of The Simpsons, Bart Simpson causes a bank run by inserting rumors about the bank’s insolvency.”

The same video clip mentioning’BS First Bank of Springfield’ is also posted by a Twitter user ‘David Cochrane’ on 23, January 2023 way before the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.



It is found that ‘BS First Bank of Springfield’ that appears in ‘The Simpsons’ episode is edited as ‘Silicon Valley Bank’ and is being shared to falsely claim that the animated series predicted the collapse of SVB.

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