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Photo of Smriti Irani in belly dance attire is photoshopped


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Amid ‘Pathaan’ controversy, Smriti Irani’s old video from Miss India Beauty Pageant was viral a few days back mentioning that she was wearing a saffron outfit. Her attire was compared to Deepika Padukone’s saffron bikini in one of the songs in the Pathaan movie. This created a Twitter clash between BJP and Trinamool Congress party members. It was cited that the ‘Pathaan’ controversy is biased when videos like Smriti Irani’s is not an issue for BJP.

Following this, an image is being circulated on Twitter in the context of mocking Smriti Irani, BJP Minister. The black and white image shows dressed up young Smriti Irani in a belly dance costume and a man likely doing her touch-up. Another post with the image can be seen here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the image, the original image was found on the Trip Advisor website revealing that the viral image was edited. The original image is captioned as ‘Belly dancer on the Turkish BBQ night’.

The coloured version of the original image is edited and the face of the belly dancer is photoshopped with Smriti Irani’s face.


It is found that the image shared as Smriti Irani is photoshopped and fake. The coloured version of the original image is edited and the face of Smriti Irani is morphed.

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