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Pouring oil on the ear Datura metel on the noce for a snake bite, misinformation that spreads!


Please share.. How long does it take for a person to lose blood circulation and heart function if he is bitten by a snake? Will the person survive after 5 hours of snake bite? Can he come back to life? Yes, it is possible by Siddha treatment. You need not be afraid if the doctor and tell you that the victim is dead. If the snake bites, the blood flow and the heartbeat will be stopped, but he will still be alive. To find out if there is life in the body of the victim ” one side of his ear should be oiled. If the poured oil comes in the other end of the ear, it means that he is dead. If the oil does not come in the other end of the ear, it means that he is alive. Then grind the black Datura metel’s leaf and apply 3 to 5 drops on the nose. He will be alive again. (Share this message)

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The above information has been circulating for years on social networking sites, including Facebook, some web pages claiming to be a natural remedy for snakebite. This information has been browsing on Facebook for the last 5 years. The post has also been shared on many Facebook groups. Many of them commented as “thanks for sharing useful information” on that post which also has been shared by thousands.

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Reading the lines, “If the snake bites, pour oil on one side of the ear if the other ear gets the oil, he is dead, and if the oil does not come, it means there is life in the body, and then grind the black datura metel’s leaf and drop 3 to 5 drops in the nose, and then he will be alive.” thinking of it to be true social media users share and appreciate the post.

Fact Check

When we contacted Dr. Praveen about the spread of snake bites and what to do about snake bites, he said, “There are approximately 230 species of snakes found in India. Of these, only 4 types of venomous snakes are 1. Spectacled cobra 2. Common krait 3. Russell’s viper 4. Echis carinatus. Other than these 4 types of snakes are not life-threatening and swells and turns red at the bite site.

Of these 4 types Cobra’s venom is a neurotoxic that affects the nervous system. This can cause the victim to have vision and speech problems, leg weakness, life-threatening respiratory problems, and strokes.

Both Viper and Echis carinatus are hemotoxic. This can affect blood clotting. Victims do not have blood clots, which can lead to stroke and life-threatening bleeding. The Common krait may be a combination of the two.

If you know someone has been bitten by a snake, there are steps to take, and what not to do.

1. Don’t panic.

2. Remove shoes, rings, watch, jewellery and tight clothing from the snake bitten area. This is because they can act like a tightrope when swelling occurs.

3. Do not move the legs of the victim and tie them slightly with a fracture bandage so that the legs cannot move.

4. Do not tie tightly with rope or anything else.

5. Do not wash the bitten area with soap or any other solution to remove the toxin.

6. Do not make cuts or incisions at or near the bite site.

7. Do not use electric shock.

8. Do not place ice or cold material on the bitten area.

9. Do not use any kind of herbal or folk medicine that is harmful.

10. Do not try to suck toxins from the bitten wound with your mouth.

11. Do not give soft drinks, alcohol or other drugs to the victim.

Take the victim to the nearest doctor immediately. We have a life-saving alternative.

Both ears of human beings are separate pathways. They are connected to the brain. These are not connected to each other. Therefore, as stated in this forward message under no circumstances oil will pour through one ear to the other ear. Also, black Datura metel’s leaves are not an alternative to snake bites.

We have an anti venom of 4 venomous snakes in India. Timely hospitalization and proper care can save lives.


Earlier, we had published an article saying that the fake medical and health related information spread on the Facebook site was getting millions of views. As such, fake health and medical information are becoming increasingly viral. It is our duty to make all the people aware of this.

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