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Snorting dry ginger powder does not keep Covid away


Claim :

This is Dr Zarir Udwadia one of the top Chest physicians not only in Mumbai but pan India. Very simple remedy & scientifically explained.

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A video where a person is heard saying dry ginger as a remedy for Covid is being circulated on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Some of the posts claim him as Dr. Zarir Udwadia mentioning him as one of the top Chest physicians not only in Mumbai but pan India. And the other posts claim that it is Dr. Sushil Razdan.

The person in the video asks everyone to snort the dry ginger powder to stay away from Omicron. He demonstrates how to do it and goes on to explain the scientific reasons behind it. He says “dry ginger is highly alkaline and has a high pH value. When inhaled, the mucus and infections that exists inside which are acidic and has low pH value get killed instantly. The virus travels through the nostrils to mucus into the throat and then to the lungs. So if we take care of it from the nostrils itself, we will be perfectly fine”. Some of the posts with his video can be seen here, here, here, and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for Dr. Zarir Udwadia, we found one of his videos for TEDxGateway posted by a Facebook page ‘Dreams Vault Media’ in January 2022. It is visible that the person from the viral video is different and not Dr. Zarir Udwadia.

Further, when searching for Dr. Sushil Razdan, ‘The Asian News Hub’ Facebook page posted his video in September 2022 where the neurologist can be heard talking about depression among youngsters. And it is revealed that the person in the viral video is not Dr. Sushil Razdan either.

Now, does snorting dry ginger powder help to stay away from Covid ?

We reached our medical expert, Dr. Praveen to get clarification on this. He explained that the viral video is old and the person in the video is not Dr. Zarir Udwadia as claimed. And regarding the home remedy, he clarified that Ginger and covid have no relation. Adding to it, he stressed that the usage of mask, washing hands, and social distancing only will help to keep Covid away from us and all others are just their own speculations that have no study or proof to explain.


It is proved that snorting dry ginger cannot keep Covid away as they both have no relation. Moreover, the person in the video is neither Dr. Zarir Udwadia nor Dr. Sushil Razdan as mentioned in the social media posts.

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