Is it the first snowfall in Saudi Arabia in the last 100 years?


Saudi Arabia: snow falls for the first time in almost 100 years! Haarp help for New World order‼️

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A video of camels experiencing blisters is shared with the claim that Saudi Arabia is experiencing the first snowfall in 100 years. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the video that is being circulated is from 2021. A Youtube channel named KHOU 11 uploaded the video on 19, February 2021 with the title ‘Camels watching snowfall – in Saudi Arabia?’.  The description part reads “These camels watched as snow fell in the mountains near Tabuk, Saudi Arabia on Thursday (2/18). Many online were shocked to see these images in the last couple days, but snow in certain parts of the country is actually not that rare.”

A Facebook page ‘Donegal Weather Channel’ posted the viral video on 19, February 2021 with the caption ‘Rare heavy snow and winter storm in Saudi Arabia confuses Camels’.

The Gulf Today article dated 18, February 2021 titled ‘VIDEO: Camels turn white as snow blankets parts of Saudi Arabia’ is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video mentioning as Tabuk region of Saudi Arabia.

A Twitter account with the username ‘SaudiNews50’ is found posting images of snowfall in the Tabuk region in Saudi Arabia on 25, January 2018 with the caption “Snow is falling on Tabuk, and the people celebrate it in their own way.”

A Mirror article dated 16, December 2013 is found carrying a video of snow in Saudi Arabia mentioning it as the Country’s first snow in 100 years. The article reported that Saudi Arabia has seen unusual weather in recent days, as snowstorm Alexa brought blizzards to Middle Eastern countries.

Though we could not verify when Saudi Arabia experienced the first snowfall in 100 years we could ascertain that the viral video from 2021 is not the first snowfall in 100 years.


It is found that the claim quoting the video as the first snowfall in 100 years in Saudi is false. The video is not recent but from 2021 and Saudi Arabia has been experiencing snowfall even before 2021.

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