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After Somalia, is India becoming a country without its own airlines?


India became the second country which does not have its own airline. Somalia (1990) became the first country not to have its own airline.



The Central Government has announced the sale of Air India shares to the private sector. Posts have gone viral on social media, with a sketch of Air India being sold in 2020, stating that “Somalia became the first country to become homeless in 1990 and India became the second.”

Fact Check:

While it is true that the federal government announced the sale of shares of Air India Airlines to the private sector, misinformation is sharing widely claiming that Somalia is the first country to have no airline of its own and that India has become the second country on the row.

Launched in 1964, Somali Airlines came under the control of the Somali government throughout 1977. Somali Airlines was suspended in 1991 due to the civil war. It is not sold to the private sector. The Somali Airlines service, which was halted as a result of the civil war, is set to resume soon, according to the company’s website.

In 2018, Livemint News published a chart that separated from the article published by CAPA’s panel of analysts on the website, showing that many governments show government stake in airlines after they have sold their shares.

According to Centerforaviation, the government holds a 0% stake in British Airways and Japan Airlines (JAL). British Airways, the UK’s official airline, was privatized in 1987. Qatar Airways has increased its stake in British Airways to 25%.

Many countries are in the process of privatizing and repurchasing shares of their state-owned airline.

Many countries, including Australia, Austria and Germany, have sold shares of their own airline to the private sector and many of them are under private management. There are even countries that do not have their own airline and airport.


In our search, the claim that Somalia is the first country to become (1990) became a country which not to have its own airline and in that row, India became the second country which does not have its own airline is false information.

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