Some drunk Hindu youth vandalised a temple. Right wing blames Muslims in social media.

A temple in Bulandshahr was vandalised and damaged by some Hindu youth and Police have arrested them.


More than 12 different idols of Hindu deities were vandalized in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh across four different temples, reportedly over 100 years old, by unknown miscreants. They are attacking our culture, They they area attacking our temples, They are attacking our daughters, Meanwhile we are only allowed to seat in the backseat and watch as our destruction unfolds, or else we will be labelled as intolerant, communal and so on!

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A temple in Bulandshahr was damaged and vandalized. The vandalism resulted in damage of around 12 idols of different Hindu deities and an alleged video from the vandalized temple is being shared in social media with claims that the act was committed by Muslims and Jihadis. Some posts use a pronoun ‘they’ to insinuate that Muslims have committed the crime without outrightly mentioning the same. Some of those posts can be seen here and here.


What’s the truth?

Bulandshahr Police have responded regarding the incident in their twitter profile. They have arrested 4 people who had vandalized the temple and their names are mentioned as Harish, Ajay, Shivam and Keshav.

Along with a statement by Bulandshahr’s Senior Superintendent of Police, a photo of the arrested miscreants is also released by the Bulandshahr Police in their twitter handle.


It was not Muslims who vandalized the temple in Bulandshahr but by 4 individuals who are Hindus. But it is given a communal colour by accusing the Muslims and false accusations are made with terms such as Jihadis and Talibans.

There have been many similar incidents of false accusations being made on Muslims by the right-wing which we have fact checked. Some of them are listed below.


The claims that insinuate and claim that a temple in Bulandshahr was vandalized by Muslims are false. The miscreants were actually Hindus and the Bulandshahr Police have arrested them.

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