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Lie about Sonia Gandhi being spread again, after 1 year.


can u give u r clarification on the book which is behind Mrs Gandhi named ‘How to convert India into Christian nation’

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Rahul Gandhi started his “Bharat Jodo March” (Unite India March) from Kanniyakumari to Kashmir on 7th September 2022. As soon as the March started, there have been massive campaigns of Misinformation against Rahul Gandhi and members of Congress.

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There was fake news about caravans used for the March by Rahul Gandhi which we have already fact-checked. It is at this time, that a photo is being shared virally about Sonia Gandhi having a book titled “How to convert India into Christian Nation” on her shelf.

What’s the truth ?

This is a photo that was shared in the last year itself and we have debunked the claim of Sonia Gandhi having a book titled “How to convert India into Christian Nation.”

Read Here : How to make India a Christian country” book behind Sonia Gandhi! Original photo vs Social media image !

The photo was shared originally at the end of May 2021 and now it has been shared again by right-wingers and some sections of the BJP supporters.

The video was originally shared on Rahul Gandhi’s Twitter page on 27th October 2020 as a message from Sonia Gandhi to the people of Bihar. The same video has been uploaded to Congress’ official YouTube page.

A screenshot image from the video has been used as a ‘file photo’ by NDTV and Hindustan Times in their articles published in November 2020. However, the photo does not include the book “How to convert India into a Christian nation” or the bible or the Jesus Statue in the actual video.

We have already made a fact check about these fake images back in 2021 when these pictures were originally circulated. Now, these images are being spread again by right-wing supporters.


The viral image is morphed and photoshopped. From the original video from where this image was picked up, we can see that there is no Jesus Statue or the bible or the book “How to convert India into a Christian nation”.

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