This article is from Nov 17, 2020

Did the BJP members captured the Amazon delivery man and rioted!


BJP members arrested for capturing Amazon delivery man and demanding ban on film Surya’s movie surarai potru.





The movie praising and starring actor Surya has been released on Amazon Prime site. Due to the good support for the film among the people, posts, memes and videos about the film have been widely shared on social media.

Meanwhile, the News 7 Tamil news outlet’s Facebook news card has gone viral, claiming that BJP members have been arrested for capturing an Amazon delivery man and demanding a ban on Surya’s Sura. Followers are also being asked about this news card.

In fact, no such incident has occurred. Someone is deliberately editing and spreading such a message on News 7 Tamil’s News Card template for teasing. After all, this is News 7 Tamil’s old news card template. There is the only news that the name of the movie was trended before the movie was released.




Actor Surya continues to comment on people’s problems such as NEET, new education policy, environmental impact assessment. Thus, the BJP members have been spreading the news against Suriya, therefore social media users are creating and spreading such a fake message to tease the BJP.



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