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Old photos circulated as money found in S.P.Velumani’s house during the raid !


Money was found in Velumani’s sister’s house during the raid.

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This is a part of money found by the Corruption eradication officer during the raid in the residence of ADMK Minister S.P.Velumani who saved corrupted money like A1. People are protesting for rose milk to prevent him from getting arrested.

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Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption raids at residential and business premises of Former Minister S.P.Velumani and his family members. This created a furore among political parties.

Against this background, old and irrelevant photos are being circulated on social media platforms claiming it to be the money found from the DVAC raid at S.P.Velumani and his sister’s houses.

Photo 1

When the first image is reverse searched, we found the same picture in the articles published by Business Today and Economic Times in 2016 mentioning it as black money found in raids post demonetisation.

Photo 2

The picture that is seen in the subsequent social media posts was rumoured before as money found in Paul Dinakaran’s house. But the picture was originally captured during a raid at an Engineer’s house in Nagapattinam in 2020.

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Photo 3

The next picture with money placed in cardboard boxes can be seen in an article dated 11th November 2019 on the ‘News 18’ website.

Concurrently, an old fake video claiming to be the luxurious house of S.P.Velumani is also being circulated.

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It is on the news that documents and hard disk were seized in the raid at Former Minister S.P.Velumani’s premises. But no information or images on seizing money or jewels is said on the news.


It is apparent that the pictures claiming to be money and jewels from the raid at the residence of Former Minister S.P.Velumani and his sister are fake. They are old pictures.

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